09/19/2015 admin

Mega Spacehole is go.

Furious Union is proud to announce the upcoming release of Mega Spacehole, a VRcade shooter with an attitude, for the Samsung GearVR. Mega Spacehole is an arcade game that puts you right in the middle of the action. Set in a colorful geometric environment with 30 levels of colorful frantic fun.

Mega Spacehole is a full-immersion first-person shooter that is built from the ground up in the Unity game engine specifically for the GearVR. Creating eye melting visuals, fun mechanics and 360 degree views of all the action around the player.

We will be demoing a few of the levels at the upcoming Oculus Connect 2 Conf in LA. in Sept. If you are there be sure to track us down and try it out for yourself.