Furious Union

Based In:

Atlanta, Georgia

Release date:

February 11th, 2016


Gear VR





Mega Spacehole is a fast-paced vr-cade shooter with in your face fun. Gameplay depends of your lightning reflexes and strategic decisions for survival. Each spacehole is a unique and challenging arena you must survive, and ultimately master, to become the Mega Spacehole you were always meant to be.

Unique power-ups are placed in the arena to destroy your enemies and restore your shield. The more shield strength you have at the end of the level, the higher your score. If you can last it that long.

Mega Spacehole is a full-immersion first-person shooter that is built from the ground up in the Unity game engine specifically for the GearVR. Creating eye melting visuals, fun mechanics and 360 degree views that put you right in the middle of the action!

Fast, immersive, fun. Mega Spacehole is what vr gaming is all about.


  • Lightning fast game play
  • Face-melting full immersion
  • Stunning visual effects
  • Multiple eye popping  game play mechanics
  • Loads of sarcasm
  • Luscious low poly environments
  • 30 levels of gameplay
  • Fully Spatialized audio
  • Endless replay-ability.




Gameplay Trailer-youtube


Mega Spacehole Images Dropbox


Within minutes of experiencing the Oculus DK2 the Furious Union was born. We realized that virtual reality’s time had come and we want to be a the forefront of that evolution. Since then we have been developing games and apps for VR platforms. We are a fully immersive, hardware agnostic, interactive and experiential content studio. We love making interactive and engaging content for virtual reality.

About Furious Union

At Furious Union we believe in the power of virtual reality to fundamentally change the way people experience games and content. We strive to push the boundaries of virtual design in order to create immersive experiences that delight and amaze.

Mega Spacehole, the studio’s first title, is a beautifully immersive, fast-paced arcade shooter game. Explode enemies, collect shield power and learn new mechanics to help you conquer each different levels bursting with brilliant colors and immersive audio and visual effects. Learn more about Furious Union and Mega Spacehole at and check out Mega Spacehole available now in the Gear VR store.WOOT!


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Mega Spacehole Credits

Rob Shepps
CO-Owner and Rabble Rouser

Dakota Ling
CO-Owner and Troublemaker

Steve Mank
Original Music Composition (and all around nice guy)